How To Pass The BJJ Lasso Guard by Andressa Cintra Bernardo Faria BJJ
4 hours back
How To Pass The BJJ Lasso Guard by Andressa Cintra - For The Best BJJ Instructional Videos, Check Out: - Download Bernardo Faria's ...
BJJ, Hierarchies & Community | Russell Brand Russell Brand
2 months back
I received my blue belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu this week! Subscribe to my channel here: (make sure to hit the BELL icon to be notified of ...
Beautifully shot BJJ Match - Jiu Jitsu World League Bee Rollin
2 years back
All credit to owns the rights to this match (Get in touch if you want it taken down). All BJJ matches should be filmed like this!! First fight of the Adults Brown Belt ...
Rolling Loose to Create Scrambles & Build BJJ Cardio and Movement (Chewjitsu Rolls) Chewjitsu
20 hours back
In this week's BJJ rolling video it's a mix match of 2 no gi days from my Brazilian Jiu-jitsu training. Recently one of my goals with my Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training ...
Wing Chun Master Meet BJJ Master | Master Wong Master Wong
2 months back
Wing Chun master Master Wong meets BJJ Master Glover Teixeira, Joao Gabriel Rocha at the martial art super show in Las Vegas USA. They cover the subjects ...
4 years of wrestling vs 2 years of Jiu Jitsu Jiu Jitsu Jesus
2 years back
Two of my guys rolling in the teen and adult class, the white belt is 16 with 4 years of wrestling and about 6 months of Jiu Jitsu, the yellow belt is 15 with almost 2 ...
51 BJJ Guard Sweeps in Less Than 7 Minutes - Jason Scully Grapplers Guide
8 years back
875+ BJJ Tech Demos - - PLEASE SUBSCRIBE: In this video you'll see ...
The 3 Most Important Jiu Jitsu Techniques For A BJJ White Belt by John Danaher Bernardo Faria BJJ
2 months back
The 3 Most Important Jiu Jitsu Techniques For A BJJ White Belt by John Danaher - In this video the great John Danaher shows what are the 3 most important Jiu ...
The Ultimate BJJ Escape EnterTheDojoShow
3 years back
Master Ken demonstrates a foolproof way to get out of any Brazilian Jiu Jitsu submission. Support our show at Music by ...
It’s Never Too Late to Be a Savage | Legacy BJJ | Burbank | Glendale Alberto Crane
7 months back
Following the BJJ Journey of Alan Philips Directed by Henrique Kraychete Cinematographer: Dennis Zanatta 330 N Victory Blvd, Burbank, ...
Jiu JItsu / Campeonato Brasileiro 2018 - Faixa Branca. Fees Bjj Videos
1 years back
Jiu JItsu / Campeonato Brasileiro 2018 - Faixa Branca.
One Of The Best BJJ Half Guard Sweeps (The Coyote Half Guard) by Lucas Leite Bernardo Faria BJJ
6 months back
One Of The Best BJJ Half Guard Sweeps (The Coyote Half Guard) by Lucas Leite - Guys today I am here with someone who I consider one of the best half guard ...
Jeff Glover BJJ Highlights "Human Monkey" Scott McConnell
4 years back
The best of Jeff Glover. Parts of this highlight are from Metamoris and Budo Videos.
Jack Smail | BJJ Purple Belt Demonstration | ROYDEAN.TV ROYDEAN.TV
8 months back
Train with Jack Smail : Get Blue Belt Requirements 2.0 TODAY: The channel for modern warriors: ...
Bodybuilder DESTROYS Jiu-Jitsu Fighters | Bodybuilder VS BJJ Tournament Houston Jones
5 months back
In this episode of Bodybuilder VS I destroy people in a Jiu-Jitsu tournament! I decided to grapple against these BJJ fighters to prove that bodybuilding is actually ...
Misguided BJJ Student Leaves For A Trash Talking Jiu-Jitsu Gym Chewjitsu
2 weeks back
Today's BJJ Q&A video is a little different as it comes from the question of a Brazilian Jiu-jitsu gym owner who has a student leaving under less than optimal ...
Go Further Faster: BJJ Fundamentals (Gi) by John Danaher BJJ Fanatics
4 months back
In this BJJ Fundamentals video, John Danaher explains the basics of Jiu Jitsu training. Jiu Jitsu Fundamentals is not just a certain set of moves but also the ...
How to Improve Your Longevity in BJJ Stephan Kesting
4 days back
BJJ is a fantastic sport but it can be really hard on the body which makes many people drop out of the sport much too soon. In this video I share one thing that ...
Why I Quit After 1 BJJ Class GracieBreakdown
2 months back
You know we (the jiu-jitsu community) are doing it all wrong when the people who need jiu-jitsu the most are being cared for the least. We can do better. Anyone ...
How Marcelo Garcia created the perfect BJJ gym vibe || BJJ Hacks in NYC BJJ Hacks TV
4 years back – Upgrade your passion from a pastime to a profession. || Marcelo Garcia is one of the greatest jiu-jitsu competitors to ever step ...
Jiu-Jitsu BJJ Belt System Explained Kama Jiu-Jitsu
3 years back
WANT TO LEARN FROM KAMA? - Try our new Patreon page! We upload regular tutorial/technique videos for you to study and up your game!
Training BJJ 2 Days a Week is a Waste of Time Chewjitsu
1 years back
Can you get better at BJJ training only 2 days a week, or are you wasting your time? This is a Brazilian Jiu-jitsu question I received from Instagram. The person ...
My first jiu Jitsu class | What they DONT Tell you!! Fitness with Dal P
2 years back
GET YOUR FITNESS WITH DAL P TEE- This class what really fun. I think I'm going to love going to the ...
How to warm up for BJJ | 20 Jiu Jitsu Warm-up movements to master Ben Egli
2 years back
There are so many warm-up movements out there, but these are 20 of my favorite. If you pick 5-8 you will be warmed up in no time, or do a bunch for ...
Why Strength Matters in BJJ (Good Technique Creates Strength) Chewjitsu
3 weeks back
Technique or strength? Which one is more important? This is a big debate that goes on in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu where people will tout technique as KING and that ...
How To Never Get Your BJJ Guard Passed by Xande Ribeiro Bernardo Faria BJJ
2 months back
How To Never Get Your BJJ Guard Passed by Xande Ribeiro - Today I am here with Xande Ribeiro. Xande is one of the best Jiu Jitsu practitioners ever. He is a ...
Don't Get Smashed | Jiu-Jitsu Sweeps, Subs & Reversals Knight Jiu-Jitsu
2 years back
If you ever get smashed on bottom, even though you have the "superior" guard position, these techniques can definitely help. These are some of the highest ...
FAKE BJJ Blackbelt Jay Queiroz EXPOSED BJJPolice
4 years back
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Brown belt Mike Palladino exposes a man posing as a Blackbelt in Marlboro, NY.
Dirty BJJ Technique to Completely Lockdown One Hand: Ideal for Police hard2hurt
2 years back
This thing is a dirty, cheap technique that you can surprise people who maybe a little bit better than you at BJJ with, or it can be a very powerful self-defense, ...
Elementarz BJJ - zamknięta garda- Jak zrobić balachę? #1 Ground Game Sports
3 years back
Elementarz BJJ to kurs brazylijskiego jiu-jitsu od podstaw dla każdego! Prowadzi czarny pas, trener Krzysztof Łukaszewicz. Asortyment do sportów walki Ground ...
When You Hit This Simple BJJ Sweep People Feel Like A Dummy Chewjitsu
2 weeks back
The Dummy Sweep in BJJ is a great sweeping option that also goes great as a setup to Leg Lock positions. I believe the 1st time I saw this technique was from a ...
Firefighter Quit BJJ After 4 Months! GracieBreakdown
4 weeks back
I learned Gracie Jiu-Jitsu from Big John McCarthy in 1996!” Over 20 years later, he found a BJJ school in Montebello, CA and after getting smashed for 4 months ...
Technically Overwhelmed BJJ Purple Belt & White Belts Are Babies Chewjitsu
4 weeks back
Today's question comes from out friend who is a Purple Belt in BJJ and he said he is overwhelmed with the amount of options he has available to him. He's also ...
Cardio for BJJ and How to Improve It Stephan Kesting
4 years back
How to improve your BJJ Cardio - some simple fixes and additional harder solutions. The complete BJJ Q&A podcast, in which Stephan answers many more ...
The First Five Submissions You Need To Know | Jiu-Jitsu Basics Knight Jiu-Jitsu
7 months back
More detailed instruction at It is hard to narrow down, but these are, in my opinion, the first five submissions you should learn in ...
Wie effektiv ist Brazilian Jiu Jitsu? Training mit MMA Fighter Rafael McStan
3 years back
Steckt in mir ein richtiger Jiu Jitsu Kämpfer? ▷Folg mir auf Insta & FB: - ▷Neue BCAAs ...
BJJ 101 For Cops Mike The Cop
1 days back
Thanks to Warrior Way + Professosr Angelo and Dave! A lot of police training revolves around techniques and not principles.
21 hours back
Este é um vídeo mostrando o treino físico do Rafael Mendes para o Jiu Jitsu. Também conhecido como Rafa Mendes ao lado do seu irmão Guilherme Mendes ...
7 Years of BJJ and I Got Smashed by a Wrestler on his 1st Week Chewjitsu
9 months back
Have you ever been on the mats for BJJ training and had the new man or woman give you more of a go than you expected? Maybe they were super athletic or ...
No Gi Rolling with 3 of My BJJ Purple Belts (Lots of Scrambles) Chewjitsu
3 months back
In this BJJ rolling video video at our gym Derby City MMA you'll see a good mixture of takedowns, guard passing and I almost got my back taken during one of ...
Bryan Caraway Punks BJJ Class What A Ride
3 years back
Bryan Caraway and Miesha Tate decide to help out a BJJ studio in North Bay, Ontario, Canada and pull off a funny prank on these students...their reaction is just ...
Knee Bar From Omoplata BJJ Training Video by Luiza Monteiro BJJ Fanatics
4 days back
KNEE BAR FROM OMOPLATA BJJ Training Video BY LUIZA MONTEIRO // In this BJJ Training Video, Luiza Monteiro teaches the knee bar from omoplata BJJ ...
【動画版】BJJ-WAVE 9/18 2019 収録分 橋本欽也
12 hours back
IBJJFアジア総括・その他 タリソン、オーストラリア移住 マリアナスプロジャパン、参加申し込み開始 お便りコーナー.
5 Jiu Jitsu Fighters Who Got Their Black Belts in less Than 3 years BJJ World
2 years back
Welcome to Bjj World! 🥋Follow us on Instagram: Need Highlight videos/Promotions? ➡️ [email protected] Not ...
The Soul of Jiu Jitsu Jiu Jitsu Brotherhood
2 years back
Read Nic's bestselling book on jiu jitsu, The Black Belt Blueprint See More at Nic's online Jiu Jitsu dojo, The Master Academy ...
The First 4 Sweeps You Need To Know | Jiu-Jitsu Basics Knight Jiu-Jitsu
8 months back
More detailed instruction on Understanding and executing sweeps can be a tricky thing in the beginning...and well after, too.
The Correct Way to Put Stripes On a Jiu-Jitsu Belt Relson Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Academy
2 years back
According to the 1967 Jiu-Jitsu Federation Handbook, this is the correct way to put stripes on the belt.