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Haircut at the Worst Reviewed Barber in my City (1 STAR) FaZe Kay
9 months back
My friend went to the Worst Reviewed Barber Shop in Los Angeles and asked for a Haircut... they did this to his hair! Good or bad?! After we went to the Worst ...
Getting a HAIRCUT At The WORST REVIEWED BARBER In My City (London) Jrizzy Jeremy
10 months back
I got a haircut at the WORST REVIEWED BARBER In My City (1 Star). After making videos like 'Eating At The Worst Reviewed Restaurant & Takeaway In My City ...
Funny Hairline Fails | Best Barbers Skills In The World | Barber Fails Designs Hairstyles Haircut Alpha
1 years back
Watch New Video: Funny Hairline Fails Here are some of the funniest and worst hairlines i've ever seen Funny Hairline Fails Best ...
Best-ever street head massage and neck cracking by poor Indian barber | ASMR | SUBTITLES available Indian barber
6 months back
I uploaded the second part of this video today must watch it too by visiting channel video. This video I filmed one day before, and today I'm in Bokaro to visit A ...
My Worst Haircut Ever | Can It Be Fixed!? ๐Ÿ˜ณ Robin James
2 years back
My worst haircut ever. The barber didn't listen to me and went rogue on my hair. One side of my hair has been faded, the other side has a high disconnected ...
White Comedian Tries To Cut Hair At Black Barber Shop Pat Tomasulo
7 months back
There's a difference between a โ€œsalon,โ€ like Pat goes to, and an old school barbershop. Pat found that out when he tried to cut hair at one. Special Thanks To: ...
$15 Haircut vs $150 Haircut Teachingmensfashion
9 months back
Check out Hudson & Mane and see what hair product you should use for your hair type: Use code TMF for 20% off! Celebrity ...
Hair replacement system. Avoid your system being ruined by the barbers mg ford
3 years back
In this video, I am hoping to warn hair system wearers from popping into their local barbers for a quick trim and then discovering that their hair doesn't blend ...
Bad Barber! Alsmillions
10 years back
How many mistakes did this barber make? Include all the sanitary and barber etiquette mistakes.
Can Regular People Give A Decent Haircut? BuzzFeedVideo
2 years back
"I'm gonna try really hard. Hopefully, I don't screw it up." Check out more awesome videos at BuzzFeedVideo! ...
7 years back
funnest hair news in the world when a guy goes to a barber shop and gets interviewed then he later notices the barber pushed back his tape line (edge up) must ...
2 years back
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Bad barbers 2 CHEVz
3 years back
Bad, barbers, 2
The Most Hilarious & Worst Haircut Fails Caught on Camera BE AMAZED
2 years back
Having the barber fail on your bad haircut sucks. Whats worse is if they capture it on camera and its one of the funniest haircut fails ever. This video is filled with ...
11 months back
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Haircut Transformation Tutorial - Easy & Best Hairstyle For Men 2018 - #13 Jason Makki
2 years back
GIVEAWAY $50 HAIR PRODUCT For Valentine's dayBY Following the below Stepsโ˜† ( To One Lucky WINNER) follow the steps ...
COLLABORATION: Beware of bad barbers (Male's perspective) ft. Zhufu Edits Ethnic Empress
5 months back
I just really needed to know what it was like for guys when they check out what its like to do my hair over on Zhufu Edits channel here's the link: have to get their ...
Bad Barbers + New Hair Style! Brit Tea
2 years back
WATCH IN HD** Hey loves! Thanks for stopping by! I truly appreciate it. This is me showing you my new haircut!!! Let me know if you have any video topic ...
GETTING a $0.50 HAIRCUT from an INDIAN STREET BARBER | Deal or Disaster!? LivingBobby
6 months back
After a day of living on $1 in India and experiencing the Indian street culture I made a visit to an Indian street barber. The cost was $0.50, making me wonder if it ...
Bad Barber Depressed
5 months back
1 years back
All the Girls Turned Away From Him, but After He Went to the Barber, Everything Changed! #Mind Warehouse
5 months back
For copyright matters please contact us at: [email protected] TechZone โ–ป Sometimes life is really unfair and bad things can ...
Got a Haircut at the Worst Reviewed Barber Zane Hijazi
3 months back
WATCH JEFF'S BARBERSHOP EPISODE HERE - So I decide to cut all my hair off.....and you're not gonna believe it i regret it ...
4 weeks back
If they can rate us; why can't we rate them? #yelp #barber #comedy.
๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ณ $2 Indian Street Massage | Pain or Pleasure? bald and bankrupt
10 months back
Don't you just love massages! So relaxing right? Well not with this guy! Watch how I am beaten, twisted, vibrated and have my ears cleaned and then so much ...
2 years back
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The Three Stooges are bad barbers Jared King
5 months back
One of my favorite scenes from The New Three Stooges episode "Hairbraind Barbers". The Three Stooges were really bad barbers back then for trying to cut a ...
Bad Barbers ft.Richie Loco | All Def Community All Def
2 years back
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Barber Shaves Bad Bunny Onto Back of Customer's Head Inside Edition
9 months back
One barber is a cut above the rest. He got the chance to meet Lin-Manuel Miranda after shaving the "Hamilton" creator's likeness into a customer's hair. Anthony ...
Haircut Tutorial GONE WRONG: Barber FAILS at Lineup Tutorial TeaServedCold Entertainment
4 years back
In this month's epic fail, a self-proclaimed barber shows his followers that "real barbers" cut their own hair. I'm not sure how true that is, but this guy may want to ...
Bad Haircut EMERGENCY Action Plan | What To Do When Your Barber SCREWS UP Your Hair Real Men Real Style
1 years back - Click here to read the article - What to do when you get a BAD haircut - Grab ...
Sanitation "Barbers Don't Follow The Bad Habits You see from other YouTube Barbers " Ron's Classic Kuts
2 years back
Proper Sanitation is very important , don't follow the bad habits you see from some of the barbers you look up to.
Barber offers bad haircuts to discipline kids LOCAL 12
5 years back
ATLANTA, Ga. (Craig Lucie) -- Got a child who just won't clean up his act? A Georgia barber is offering a unique service to help parents with misbehaving kids.
Why Some Mix Engineers Are Just As Bad As Barbers In LA DameTaylorTV
4 months back
In this 16-hour video series, Dame breaks down why producers should focus on being a better producer, rather than learning how to mix like an engineer.
Old School Haircut for a Timeless Look | Honest Barber Beardbrand
1 weeks back
Shop Beardbrand: Instagram: Twitter: DESCRIPTION ...
Why Barbers Should Always Have Fresh Breath๐Ÿ’ˆโœ‚๏ธ๐Ÿ˜. Garrick Dixon
2 years back
Barbers always make sure that your breath is fresh because this could be you.
Terrible Haircut Fails Compilation 2017 | Funny Vine Funny Vines
2 years back
Brand new weekly compilation featuring the terrible haircut fails gone wrong all caught on camera! Want to be Featured? Submission Form: ...
StoryTime: My Barber Journey | SHOWING MY BAD HAIRCUTS!! JayJay The Barber
2 years back
This is the story of my barber journey. how and why i started cutting hair. and in this video i am showing you guys my bad haircuts!! hope you all enjoy.
BarBers ReStrain Screaming Kid for a haircut Fanta Lewis
3 years back
This Child was Very Disrespectful to his Mother..and the Barbers did a great job by Stepping in and Helping.
HAIRCUT DISASTER? ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ Lee the hairdresser
2 years back
What do you think? Is this a haircut disaster, or a beautiful transformation? Find out in this video and let me know what YOU think in the comment section below.
HOW TO FADE WITH ONE CLIPPER (Nomad Barber) nomadbarber
4 years back
MY INSTAGRAM @NOMADBARBER Similar to Zayn Malik's new shaved haircut in 2015. This is an easy to follow tutorial showing how to fade from a grade 4 ...
Barbers Got me DEADASS! (OMG) Bash TheEntertainer
2 years back
Think your having a bad hair day , Laugh with me! #comedy #laughoutloud #bashtheentertainer.
Bad Barber FatGuyRadioShow Commercial FatGuyRadioShow
8 years back
Listening to FatGuyRadioShow can make your day dangerous! Listen to FatGuyRadioShow on Produced by LikeMinds Creative in ...
I just changed my hairstyle A ROD
6 months back
I Changed My Hairstyle To Ice Blue. In this tutoria i am changing my hair color and getting a hair cut with Alex and Phillip. If you like to see haircut videos , dont ...