Giant Aircraft: Manufacturing an Airbus A350 | Mega Manufacturing | Free Documentary Free Documentary
2 months back
Mega Manufacturing: Airbus A350 | 4K Engineering Documentary Assembled in France using millions of components made throughout Europe: The A350 is the ...
STORM DENNIS - CROSSWIND LANDINGS at Amsterdam - Airbus A380, Boeing 747, HARD A300 LANDING (4K) Cargospotter
2 hours back
Storm Dennis followed Storm Ciara and one week later I visited Amsterdam again to film a few crosswind landings. The first landings shows an Airbus A300 and ...
В Британии гигантский Airbus А380 сдуло с взлетной полосы СЕГОДНЯ
1 hours back
В Соединенном Королевстве взорвалась "метеорологическая бомба". Так эксперты описывают ситуацию после...
Airbus Reveals New Concept Aircraft Dj's Aviation
6 days back
Airbus has unveiled a brand new concept aircraft that's already flying at a small scale at the 2020 Singapore Airshow! In today's video, I give you full the run ...
Why Airbus Nearly Didn’t Happen: The A300 Story Mustard
6 months back
Watch over 2400 documentaries for free for a month by signing up at: and using the code “mustard” at checkout. In 1974 ...
Flugzeugbau bei AIRBUS Hamburg - BELUGA, A380 & co | Doku WELT Nachrichtensender
6 months back
Das Airbus-Werk in Hamburg-Finkenwerder zählt zu den weltweit größten Standorten für den modernen Flugzeugbau. An 365 Tagen im Jahr produzieren hier ...
Airbus Commercial Aircraft formation flight: 50-year anniversary Airbus
8 months back
Celebrating 50 years since its creation, Airbus conducted a formation flight that included representatives from each of its in-production commercial jetliner ...
Airbus Beluga XL AEROBATICS DISPLAY - Fly Past, Wing Wave & Landing at Broughton - February 2019 MT Aviation
1 years back
The new, bigger version of the Airbus Beluga cargo aircraft, the Beluga XL came to the UK for the first time today with a flight from Toulouse, France. En route, it ...
MAVERIC, a “blended wing body” scale model technological demonstrator Airbus
6 days back
Airbus has revealed MAVERIC (Model Aircraft for Validation and Experimentation of Robust Innovative Controls) its “blended wing body” scale model ...
INCREDIBLE Airbus A380 CLOSE UP Takeoff & Landing | Qantas | Melbourne Airport Plane Spotting HD Melbourne Aviation
1 years back
Melbourne Airport is a main hub for Qantas and have 3 of 12 A380s currently based there. The Los Angeles A380 service is by far the most popular flight by ...
How to IDENTIFY an AIRBUS from a BOEING? Airplane Spotting 101 by CAPTAIN JOE Captain Joe
2 months back
Airbus A380 finds difficult to land due to storm winds at London airport | WION News | World News WION
8 hours back
The Etihad Airlines plane fought against Storm Dennis's heavy crosswind on Saturday as it struggled to land at London Heathrow airport. #EtihadAirlines ...
Introducing The Airbus Beluga XL Dj's Aviation
1 months back
The Airbus Beluga XL has officially been certified to fly by the EASA! In today's video, I take a look at the aircraft and what the future holds for it as well as why it is ...
5 months back
8 months back
Who wants to take a roller coaster ride in an Airbus A380? Yesterday a storm crossed the netherlands and I filmed my first Airbus A380 go around at Amsterdam ...
Airbus A350 - the most advanced airliner Skyships Eng
1 years back
Airbus A350 XWB (eXtra Wide Body) - a long-haul wide-body airliner, developed by the Airbus corporation. Being a completely new aircraft, this model is the first ...
First flight of Airbus' #BelugaXL Airbus
2 years back
With an Airbus test crew aboard, the BelugaXL completes its maiden flight on 19 July 2018. Performed from Toulouse-Blagnac Airport in southwestern France, ...
3 years back
AMAZING Airbus A380 near VERTICAL Take-off ✱ LARGE COMMERCIAL BOEING vs AIRBUS Todos os videoclipes estão licenciados sob a licença Creative ...
Мегазаводы. Airbus A380 (Аэробус А380). Самый большой пассажирский самолёт. - всё об авиации.
5 years back
Мегазаводы - это передача телеканала National Geographic. В этом выпуске рассказ пойдёт об одном из самых больших...
Airbus Commercial Aircraft - Formation Flight Airbus
3 years back
Get a behind-the-scenes perspective as Airbus showcases its product line of modern jetliners with an impressive formation flight, which included the A320neo, ...
Why has Airbus not TAKEN OVER completely?! Mentour Pilot
1 weeks back
For a FREE week of Blinkist and 25% discount, use this link Why Is it that Airbus has still not stolen ALL of the orders ...
Airbus A380 Variants That Never Were Simple Flying
2 weeks back
After first launching the new A380, Airbus intended to build different variants. They had plans for the A380neo, the A380plus, the A380 stretch and a freighter ...
STORM CIARA - AIRBUS A380 Crosswind Landing during a storm at Düsseldorf (4K) Cargospotter
3 days back
Storm Ciara caused lots of chaos at various airports in europe last sunday and while I was filming some crosswind landings at Amsterdam my father who also ...
Airbus The Airliner Profile History of all models Friðrik Friðriksson
6 years back
Most major aircraft manufacturing companies have been founded by flying enthusiasts who combined the properties of an innovator, engineer, and entrepreneur ...
Supreme-Hobbies Airbus A330-600 - Maiden Flight and Heart Attack! Brian Phillips
4 years back
taxi @ 3:40 / take off @ 4:46 / landing @ 7:03 Check out the newest mods and lots better flight footage here...
Airbus To Launch Brand New Plane Navgeek Aviation
2 months back
Airbus is keen to build an ultra-modern narrowbody jet to be launched in the 2030s. Subscribe & hit the notification bell for more content on the aviation world!
Why Airbus And Boeing Dominate The Sky CNBC
1 years back
Airbus and Boeing dominate an already under competitive airline manufacturing industry. The duopoly owns the sky by making up 99% of global large aircraft ...
Airbus liefert 350x den A350 aus! AeroNews AeroNewsGermany
6 hours back
Wenn Du möchtest, kannst Du mich hier unterstützen: Als Kanalmitglied: Über Patreon: ...
AIRBUS - A Day at Hamburg FSX flyinnjim
8 years back
Hamburg-Finkenwerder pls check out:
O Primeiro Voo do Airbus BelugaXL Ju Helps
1 years back
Loja da Ju: Contato: [email protected] Instagram: Caixa Postal: Juliana Steck CEP: ...
Could Airbus Build An A322? A New 250 Seat Passenger Plane Simple Flying
3 weeks back
Airbus could build a new aircraft, the A322, to fix the 'middle of the market' problem. It would be based on the A320 platform, with the improvements developed ...
Fantastic Cockpit Views AIRBUS A380 Takeoff | 8 Cameras JustPlanes
2 weeks back
JustPlanes joins Captain Mirpuri for a roundtrip flight from Paris CDG to New York JFK on behalf of Norwegian. For more than 1 hour you will see and hear all ...
Boeing vs Airbus - How Do They Compare - Airplane Company Comparison The Infographics Show
2 years back
How does Boeing compare to Airbus? Which company is bigger and which is more successful? Subscribe to The Infographics Show : ...
The Differences Between BOEING and AIRBUS FTD Facts
11 months back
New Spanish Channel! - FTD Facts Espanol: The Differences Between BOEING and AIRBUS ...
NEUES FLUGZEUGDESIGN: Airbus stellt neues Flugzeugkonzept „Maveric“ vor WELT Nachrichtensender
6 days back
Airbus hat sein neues Modell für ein alternatives kraftstoffsparendes Flugzeugkonzept vorgestellt. Der sogenannte Blended-Wing-Body mit dem Namen ...
How many aircraft Airbus built in last 50 years I Price I Orders I Capacity I Jetline Marvel
1 days back
Airbus net production orders and deliveries 1970 - 2019 Airbus SE, formerly Airbus Group SE, is a company based in the Netherlands that is active in the ...
AIR RESCUE - How Airbus Helicopters Are Made | Full Documentary WELT Documentary
2 weeks back
Exceptional Engineering - Emergency Helicopters: Rescue helicopters are built at Airbus Helicopters in Bavarian Donauwörth. In 2017, the German ADAC ...
Bird Strike and Landing in Cornfield Airbus A321 Ural Airlines | How was it? GTA 5 Version Racing Car Games
6 months back
August 15th, 2019, Russia, A321 Ural Airlines Makes Emergency Landing In Cornfield. All 226 passengers and seven crew members onboard were able to ...
Airbus E-Fan X: Airbus Electric Plane? AirplaneProductions
2 weeks back
This video is about the Airbus E-Fan X, the Airbus Electric Plane of the future. In this short Electric Aircraft documentary looking at the Airbus E-Fan X, we take a ...
Галилео. Тестирование Airbus GalileoRU
7 years back
816 от 03.11.2011 Продолжение рассказа о самом большом в мире пассажирском самолете Airbus А380. В этом сюжете вы...
The a330neo Isn't Selling. Airbus Was Smart to Build It. Coby Explanes
2 months back
In 2014, Airbus introduced a sort of brand new widebody jet. It sported new engines, new winglets, and not much else. However, Airbus positioned this jet - the ...
CHINA y JAPÓN: ¿Peligra el MONOPOLIO de AIRBUS y BOEING? - VisualPolitik VisualPolitik
1 weeks back
El sector de la aviación no es precisamente el sector más competitivo del mundo. Todo el pastel se reparte básicamente entre dos gigante: Airbus y Boeing.
Rettungshubschrauber - Im Werk bei Airbus Helicopters | Doku WELT Nachrichtensender
6 months back
Im bayerischen Donauwörth werden bei Airbus Helicopters Rettungshubschrauber gebaut. Im Jahr 2017 bestellte der ADAC elf neue H145 Hubschrauber für ...
Airbus 380 Papercraft (1:120) Instructions Hermercraft
7 months back
Check out below for new repaints*** Blank model: .PSD files with layers for repaint with PHOTOSHOP (High quality, transparent background):!
Maveric, l’aile volante d’Airbus aeronewstv
6 days back
Les avions de ligne de demain auront-ils la forme d'une aile volante ? C'est en tous cas le concept que vient de dévoiler Airbus au salon aéronautique de ...
A350 vs 787: Airbus A350 fights with Boeing 787 Dreamliner! AirplaneProductions
2 months back
This video is about the Airbus A350 vs the Boeing 787 Dreamliner. A350 vs 787, 787 vs A350 is a long Airbus vs Boeing debate. Today, we will compare ...
Piloting AIRBUS A330 into Miami | Cockpit Views JustPlanes
6 days back
JustPlanes on the Flightdeck of the AIR ITALY Airbus A330 for a nonstop flight from Milan to Miami in just over 10 hours. On this video you see the approach and ...
We Make It Fly: Airbus Highlights in 2019 Airbus
4 days back
Airbus' solid commercial and operational performance in 2019 extended throughout the company's commercial aircraft, helicopters, defence and space ...