Elektron Analog Rytm & Four UPDATE ...we thought we would never get this!! BoBeats
4 weeks back
Elektron just came out with a new update for the Analog Rytm & Four, both mk1 and mk2. Read more about it here http://www.elektron.se // If you enjoy my ...
Elektron Analog Heat MKII (Demo and Walkthrough) Red Means Recording
3 months back
The Elektron Analog Heat MKII is a stereo saturation, distortion, and filtering effect unit capable of everything from a subtle enhancement to absolute destruction.
Elektron Digitone Keys 8-Voice Polyphonic Digital Synth | Reverb Reverb
6 months back
Elektron Digitone Keys polyphonic synth brings a whole new way to control the Digitone's FM sound engines, with a 37-key velocity- and pressure-sensitive ...
Elektron - Octatrack MKII Knobs
2 years back
Loop, smudge, chop, sync, slide, lock, stretch, etc. https://www.elektron.se/products/octatrack-mkii/ 0:50 - Overview 5:55 - Jam 1: Ambient loop 9:52 - Jam 2: ...
Elektron from SID to RYTM - A History sonicstate
5 years back
A tour through the machines that made Elektron with Cenk, AKA Dataline.
Elektron Fat bike | Electric Ebike Review| Price?? Fat Biker Vaibhav
7 months back
Purchase link- https://amzn.to/2V13NBB . Website : https://elektroncycles.in Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/teamelektron/ Instagram- ...
Lets Ride : Elektron M5X Fat Electric Bike PlugInIndia
2 months back
So the PluginIndia team had received, a new new e-Bike from Elektron Cycles, a startup from Delhi who launched their first Mountain e-Bike back in 2017.
Distanz Elektron Liveset Distanz Music
3 years back
Try out of my future live performance (Elektron Machines only). FB: https://www.facebook.com/Distanz.music SC: https://soundcloud.com/distanzmusic ...
Octatrack product presentation Elektron
7 years back
The Octatrack is a radical 8-track dynamic performance sampler and sequencer. More info: http://www.elektron.se/products/octatrack.
Elektron Model:Samples First Listen | Reverb Demo Reverb
10 months back
Elektron's Model:Samples makes a grand entrance at NAMM 2019, and we had the opportunity to take a first look at the super-loaded six-track, sample-based ...
Elektron Analog RYTM MKII Perfect Circuit
2 years back
The Mark 2 version of the Elektron Analog RYTM is here and this video shows how it can be used as a live performance tool. The RYTM MKII has 8 analog drum ...
Elektron Digitakt после нескольких месяцев. Опыт использования. DJ-STORE.RU
2 years back
В этом видео Дмитрий Колтович (студия "Музыкальная лаборатория") подробно рассказывает о своих впечатления...
Sonic LAB: The Big Elektron Digitakt Video sonicstate
2 years back
Cenk from Elektron came to give us a full look at the new Digitakt - the new sampling drum machine from Elektron We cover the good and the bad, as ever ...
Elektron Digitone Sound Demo (no talking): Ambient, Dub Techno and IDM Patches Bonedo Synthesizers
9 months back
SUBSCRIBE: https://www.youtube.com/bonedo-synthesizers?sub_confirmation=1 *buy now: https://www.thomann.de/gb/elektron_digitone.htm?offid=1&affid=84 ...
Christopher Kah - Session XIX with the Elektron Digitakt HighWav - Christopher Kah
2 years back
Precise, Loud, Effective, Raw. BANG. Inspiration directly on one machine. 100% Machines. No Laptop. TOTAL IMPROVISATION.
Elektron Digitone | Reverb Demo Reverb
2 years back
Elektron Digitone's arsenal of built-in sounds and compact and friendly interface are just scratching the surface of the features musicians (professional and ...
DIGITAKT 2-YEAR REVIEW — What makes it so special? And is it still worth getting? BoBeats
7 months back
2 Year Review of the Elektron Digitakt. Why do people love it so much? Sponsored by Skillshare: https://skl.sh/bobeats9 use this links to get two months for free ...
Elektron Analog Four - Creating pattern from scratch MrDataline
7 years back
This video is intended to show how the Analog Four can be used for Sound and Pattern creation + Parameter locks. https://www.facebook.com/Project.Dataline ...
RECONNECT - Berlin Underground Techno (Elektron Liveset) Rufes Live
1 years back
I am back. My new Live set is magical & cool techno for the dancefloor. Have a nice time :-) Audio download: https://rufeslive.bandcamp.com/track/reconnect ...
ELEKTRON DIGITAKT - standalone ambient idm glitch electronica stemshade
2 years back
mainly constructed from ios apps loadker, korg gadget and a variety of ios song mangler fx. bass is sampled from a roland ju-06.
9 months back
Today I am checking out Overbridge from Elektron. Got some new merch btw here: http://merch.bobeats.tv Overbridge is in open beta currently and you can ...
Elektron Digitone - подробный обзор от Даниила Смирнова MusicMagTV - видеообзоры музыкального оборудования
2 years back
Elektron Digitone - 8-голосый цифровой звуковой модуль (синтезатор) . Данное видео - подробный обзор от эксперта Дании...
9 months back
My first impressions of the Elektron Model: Samples. Got some new merch btw here: http://merch.bobeats.tv If you like my videos join the Patreon community: ...
Techno liveset with Elektron / Eurorack machines Martin Stürtzer
2 years back
My next liveset: 29.10.2018 at DRUCKLUFT (Oberhausen) This liveset was recorded to promote a liveshow that I played at a fine technoclub in my hometown ...
Elektron M5X Fat e-Bike | Unboxing & Installation PlugInIndia
2 months back
Elektron M5X is a FAT e-Bike that is sold by Elektron Cycles In this video Raphae Halim, unboxes and installs and setsup the Elektron M5X Also we show the ...
Elektron Analog 4 MKII & Digitakt Jam soundseasy
2 years back
We use the all new Elektron Analog 4 MKII 4 Voice Analog Synth that is midi Synced to the Elektron Digitakt. The Analog 4 is providing all 4 Synth Sounds while ...
Elektron Analog Rytm mkII Review tarekith
2 years back
I review the Elektron Rytm mkII for people new to Elektron gear, and those who are already familiar with their other boxes. Part 2 of this review can be found ...
Elektron Model:Samples Review Engadget
9 months back
The Model:Samples brings the power of Elektron's sequencer to the masses. Some trade-offs -- namely a lack of Overbridge support and a plastic body -- had to ...
Elektron festival techno live set Elektron Rytm, Analog Four and Octatrack Random Noise
2 months back
My first live performance at Elektro'n festival. - I used only hardware equipment - Elektron Octatrack, Rytm, Analog Four and Elektron Heat. The experience was ...
Give your Tracks an Extra UMPH! with the Elektron Analog Heat Mkii JAde Wii
1 years back
Patches & Sample Packs ♡ https://www.dawlessjammin.com Patreon ♡ https://www.patreon.com/jadewii Shirts for Producers ...
Dataline Live Elektron Session at Beatport, Berlin MrDataline
6 years back
Download full set at: http://dataline.bandcamp.com/album/dataline-live-at-beatport-berlin Analog Four, Octatrack, Machinedrum and Monomachine in action.
Elektron Dark Trinity - Sad Look MrDataline
5 years back
http://www.elektron.se http://dataline.bandcamp.com http://soundcloud.com/dataline https://www.facebook.com/Project.Dataline https://twitter.com/#!
Elektron Analog Rytm Techno 2016 Live World
4 years back
More Videos about Ableton Live 9 :http://www.youtube.com/user/exarmee Follow END on Facebook:: https://www.facebook.com/info.EnD Follow END on ...
5 whys to buy a Digitakt // Is it Perfect?? Ricky Tinez
11 months back
The Digitakt has been a work horse both in my studio and out performing live! These are my top 5 Pros of why you should consider getting one! Check out there ...
The Elektron Digitone Challenge Red Means Recording
2 years back
I had less than 24 hours to get an Elektron Digitone home from work and make a video. If I didn't succeed, Elektron would send Mr. Dataline (Cenk) for me and ...
Elektron BG-368 : Hybrid Electric Cycle Review Lokesh Patel
2 years back
The motor of cycle is 250W and NOT 350W as mentioned in the video. *************************************************************...
Stimming reviews the Elektron Digitakt (Electronic Beats TV) Telekom Electronic Beats
2 years back
Elektron's Digitakt digital drum machine and sampler has been one of the most highly anticipated pieces of kit this year. Telekom Electronic Beats TV and ...
5 months back
This is the ultimate beginner guide to Elektron workflow and the Digitakt. If you like this you should support over on Patreon: http://www.patreon.com/bobeats i ...
Elektron Model:Samples | Overview and Demonstration Guitar Center
6 months back
The Elektron Model:Samples is a six-track sample-based groove box with intuitive controls and a compact form factor. Skip the menu diving with its ...
Elektron OS 1.40 Analog Four MK1 ranzee
4 weeks back
Elektron have just released a new firmware OS 1.40 which enables the Analog Four to send MIDI OUT! Insane! Check it out :) Video also shows how to update ...
Ess of Elektron – The spirit behind the Digitone – Long Interview True Cuckoo
8 months back
Ess is one of the developers at Elektron, perhaps mostly known for his work with the Digitone, and for his pixel art menus. In this interview we get to know him a ...
What's new in MK2? Elektron Analog Heat review and sound test: Is it worth it? loopop
1 years back
Here's my review and sound test of the Elektron Analog Heat. Want ALL my tips in one convenient place including those to come in the future? Check out my ...
Elektron Model:Samples Drum Machine Sample Player Perfect Circuit
10 months back
This video was shot on a pre-production unit, so the pads look slightly different than they do on the production model.) The Model:Samples ...
Superbooth 2019 - Elektron Digitone Keyboard sonicstate
6 months back
We visited the new Berlin Studios of Elektron and got a look at the new Digitone Keyboard. A four track, 8 voice FM keyboard. Announced today priced at ...
Stimming puts Elektron’s new Model:Samples through its paces (EB.TV Gear Review) Telekom Electronic Beats
9 months back
Hamburg studio wizard Stimming knows his tech. That's why he's Telekom Electronic Beats TV resident gear expert, and that's why he's reviewing Elektron's new ...
Elektron e-Bike Preview PlugInIndia
2 years back
A new e-Bike from a new startup 'Elektron' More details here https://elektroncycles.in/pages/fqas ===== Support us on Patreon ...
Elektron Octatrack DPS-1 B&H Photo Video
7 years back
The Octatrack is a "dynamic performance sampler" meaning that in addition to sampling, automatic time stretching, and sequencing, if offers a lot of hands-on ...
Elektron vs. Proton -­ Ladung und Masse ● Gehe auf SIMPLECLUB.DE/GO & werde #EinserSchüler Physik - simpleclub
4 years back
WERDE EINSER SCHÜLER UND KLICK HIER: https://www.thesimpleclub.de/go Kennt ihr eigentlich der Unterschiede und Gemeinsamkeiten von Elektronen ...